The Sisters Two 2012

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Please take a look at the photo album (right bottom) to see some of our past and present floral arrangements.

Our prices vary, however a 25 piece package would run anywhere from $185.00 to $375.00

This would include but not limited to:

1 Bridal Bouquet

5 Bridesmaids

1 Jr. Bridesmaid

1 Toss Bouquet

1 Grooms


8 Groomsmen Boutonnieres

2 Fathers Boutonnieres

2 Mothers Corsage

4 extra Corsages

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We are a floral shop, but not like any other. We make up beautiful bouquets boutonnieres and floral centerpieces that will last a lifetime.  Floral design is an art form, copied from the patterns of nature. Silk flower design is a way to capture the romance of flowers in an event and perserve them forever.  

Should you decide on fresh flowers for your wedding, we will make a replica of your bouquet that will retain it's beauty and look wonderful on your 25th wedding anniversary.

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